Industry Case Studies

Real Estate

Getting More Leads Means Managing Your SEO/SEM

Real Estate is the largest salesforce in the world and that means lots of competition. In order to get leads before your competition does means attacking the sales funnel at its highest point. The good news is most agents and brokers don’t have sites with well-managed SEO and SEM campaigns so there’s always opportunity for a new site to steadily move up the ladder and grab buyers and sellers ahead of other local sites when prospective clients search on Google. That’s exactly what we do for Cynthia Bailey and her JVEC Real Estate site. We’ve custom built her site and use our system to monitor her performance daily. Each month, we improve her SEO and technical configuration so she keeps pace with changing customer habits and Google’s dynamic algorithms. Without it, her site would become stale like so many other real estate sites that go live and then sit for years (or decades!) without a change. Plus, we crafted highly-targeted digital SEM campaigns so Cynthia’s advertising reaches exactly the customers she wants in the right locales. All in all, that’s an effective lead generation machine.

Financial Services

Defining a Market Requires a Highly-Informative Website

If you offer niche services, it’s a must that your web marketing be clear, educational and comprehensive while also speaking in the right tone and at the right level. For Dr. Richard Orlando, we built a site designed to attract, inform and convert customers looking not just for wealth management or estate planning, but for a holistic service that focuses on legacy and family generations to come. In the crowded financial space, service providers who offer these sorts of things often get drowned out in the noise of all the offerings that they’re not. To reach the right audience, we created a site that does more than sit there and look pretty. It’s interactive, educates and differentiates with specific marketing content, individual web and mobile apps and more. Dr. Orlando invested not just in a good site, but also in Progressive Web Applications. These quick-to-build mobile web apps are built to run anywhere on any platform and deliver native mobile app quality to the users without breaking the bank. They’re also easy to change and extend without all the headaches and expense of native Apple and Android apps.

Professional Services

New Business Needs to Put Personality on Display

Diane Jackson came to us wanting to launch a new professional services company helping families and children find lost loved-ones, birth parents and adopted kids. It’s a business that needs a very specific style to convey its message. Diane was looking for a reflection of her own commitment and caring in the design of her site. She also wanted an entry-level site she could grow as needed to leverage more powerful social media, SEO, SEM and other approaches to reach the right audiences. We gathered lots of info and took to heart what Diane had to say in order to come up with a site that stylistically matches her personality and the message she’s trying to convey to those seeking her discrete and sensitive services. This is a prime example of the quality of our “turnkey” $999 websites.

Landscaping & Home Improvement

Function, Form and Practicality in Boone, NC

Stephen has been very successful using personal referrals and word-of-mouth growth for his home improvement business, but wanted to begin leveraging digital techniques to reach more clients on Google search and get in front of competitors in the local area. We built Stephen a slick single-page site but made sure it has all the SEO features of a full-fledged multi-page website. The result is a very mobile responsive and practical site that gets viewers all they need to know when they land there from a Google search. His site is an efficient, low-cost but very powerful way to grow his business to the next level. Not many other local landscaping sites convey the same sense of professionalism and attention to detail that Stephen’s does. It’s a web representation of exactly the way he runs his business.